About Milan Pad

I am a 3D Animator and illustrator from India, been working in this industry now for 7 years or so(as of 30/04/19). Studied a lot early on from figure drawing books as well as lots of painting from life and from the work of frank frazetta, boris vallejo, Dave Rapoza, Michal Ivan, Hamsterfly, James Paick, Marta Nael, Voka.

Diploma in Film making and Animation from Zee Institute of Creative Arts

Thanks to the support of everyone in the community and studying daily I was finally able to land freelance work and maintain a healthy living. As long as healthy living is sitting all day and never going out :).

Now I work on a lot of personal projects! You can check them out on my site as well as on my blog.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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